For Brulat, photography is about capturing humanity expressing convictions– as was evidenced in Immaculate and Primates, his series of images of a business area and the relationship between Human beings and their environment by day and by night, using his naked body to create those powerful scene. Brulat says “I want to understand why people, groups and societies behave the way they do,

I am fascinated by places where the beauty of Human beings has gone.”


It makes sense then that Brulat focused his attentions on a series of photographs about the Human in the environment, depicting ‘the vulnerability and the smallness of our species.’ Showing a small figure facing the threats of an hostile environment. In ten years time, he hopes to have brought both happiness and sadness to people via his work, but most of all hopes that not all his expectations will come to fruition.


Text by Nancy Aslop.

Wallpaper* Magazine